How you fit prolong your battery life

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People no dey too send any talk on top battery matter until dia laptop, tablet or phone battery die. but e get some things wey you suppose know about your battery wey go help am last for you.

Every rechargeable battery get life and di chemical wey dey inside am dey old.

Depending on how many times you dey charge phone and wetin you dey use am do, e fit affect how fast and how slow di phone fit work.

If you dey charge battery for hot environment, im go old sharply.

Ideas wey go help life of you battery

When chemical for battery begin old, e no go give di phone power as e suppose, and before you know am, di phone go just off im self.

When e low pass 50 percent try charge am, even if na small. If e possible no allow battery low pass 20 percent.

No charge am reach 100 percent, unless na for emergency situation. If you dey charge your battery every time, e go quick die.

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Experts say, every once in a month try charge your battery from zero percent to 100 percent.

Remember say hot environment no good for battery, so no leave am for inside car, near oven or anywhere wey sun fit beat am.

As heat no good for am, too much cold no good too. So, no put am inside freezer because e go kill am.

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