People go still die for Buhari list - Garba Shehu

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"Mistake no dey for di list" - Mallam Shehu Garba

"If you wan chop mango, na normal thing say flies go follow".

Dis na wetin Mallam Shehu Garba, wey be di Senior Special Assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari on top media mata, use describe how government dey feel after people yab dem say dem appoint people wey don die for agencies.

Mr Garba follow BBC Pidgin yan for telephone after social media catch fire when government release names of people wey go be new ogas dem for government agencies.

Tori be say some of di people wey dey di list don already die.

Image copyright Nigeria Presidency
Image example Senator Francis Opozo make di list as chairman of di Nigerian Press Council.

More people for social media follow chook mouth for di mata.

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Mr Garba talk say e don reach two years now wey government don do di list but plenty situations na im show face wey no allow dem release di list since.

Im talk say e dey normal as di secretary to di government order say make dem release di list for dis festive period.

Mr Garba also talk say people still fit die sef before dem do swearing-in for dem and government ready to replace anybody wey die.

But Mr Garba say no be today people dey talk anyhow about government.

"If you must chop mango, you must to ready for di flies wey go follow am. You no fit be president of Nigeria and people no go yab you. When you stop to be president, dem go yab di next person."

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