Cameroon: Weti no deh President Paul Biya e New Year message?

Paul Biya Image copyright BERTRAND GUAY

As Cameroon President Paul Biya make e New Year speech, some pipo dem bi di wait for hear plenty thing dem weh e no tok am.

For e speech, President Biya tok na how Cameroon go host 2019 Africa Cup of Nations, de economic programme with IMF and how for give more power for grassroots dem through decentralisation.

But some pipo say some things wey dem expect to hear from di president, no dey inside e speech.

Kontri man, Douglas Achingale tell BBC News Pidgin say, "ah be mimba say massa for Yaoundé go tok say e go meet up big pipo for all dat group dem for English Cameroon dem di make wuruwuru for country. But e no tok am. Dat mean say de wuruwuru go continue".

Gilbert Ewemeh, wey na Social Entrepreneur put mop for say president no "tok about effective and immediate dialogue concerning Anglophone wahahla".

For dis matter for Anglophone problem, President Biya tok say e know for e mind say na dialogue be de means for solve problem but say e get for be within de law for de kontri.

President make am clear say e no go tolerate de 'secessionist' weh di carry gun, and di commit violence as e give strong word say make dem answer for dia action for court.

But some kontri pipo expect say make de president tok about de pipo weh run shooting from Mamfe side go become refugee for Nigeria.

Some pipo put mop for social media on top e speech.

Another thing weh some kontri pipo, like Ewemeh dem bi wan hear na make president say e no go stand for 2018 election.

But president spit fire say e go do everything for make sure say election go happen safely and peacefully.

Ewemeh too vex say president no tok concrete thing how e go create jobs for young pipo.

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