Africa elections: Three of dem wey eye dey for 2018

Kenya Ballot Image copyright LUIS TATO/AFP/Getty Images
Image example For Kenya, voters bin dey follow officials count votes, when Uhuru Kenyatta return as President for August 2017

African elections bin get as dem be for 2017; but na di ones for 2018 na im everybodi from tori people, citizens and even world leaders dem dey put eye on top.

How di thing go go for 2018? E go skrrrrrraaaaaaa abi e go smooth? See five elections wey eye go dey on top for Africa.

Democratic Republic of Congo

President Joseph Kabila suppose don do election for 2016, e shift go 23 December 2017, but now e don match brake on top dat plan till dis year.

E don serious sotay America chook mouth say im dem no election for di Congo, international community go comot dia help for dat side.

Part of di things wey di Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI) wey dey run election matter give as reason na say time no dey, violence inside di Kasai region and money no dey.

But United Nations and oda world people don dey say e be like say Kabila - wey don dey power since 2001 - wan remove di Constitutional limit wey dey for president to dey for office.

Just as we dey enter new year, di country shut down dia internet and even SMS as fight-fight start again because many of di citizens don tire for president Kabila.

Image copyright TUTONDELE MIANKEN/AFP/Getty Images
Image example President Joseph Kabila don dey power since 2001 for DR Congo



Cameroon get some palava wey e go face as e dey plan for election dis year; dem get fight-fight inside di Anglophone (English-speaking) region where some people wan separate, form dia own country, and dia president Paul Biya don siddon for office more than 30 years and e never sure if e go comot.

Image copyright BERTRAND GUAY/AFP/Getty Images
Image example President Paul Biya don dey in power for Cameroon pass 30 years

President Biya talk for im new year speech say im go do every-every make di election happen for peace.

Opposition parties bin plan for March 2017 say dem wan nominate one candidate to contest, but e never happen till now.

As e be so, na only one candidate, Mr Akere Muna, dey do like say e wan try get seat as president against Paul Biya.


Emmerson Mnangagwa bin take over as President from Robert Mugabe, after army comot Mugabe from office.

Image copyright KARUMBA/AFP/Getty Images
Image example President Emmerson Mnangagwa go complete Robert Mugabe term as president before election go happen

Di 93-year-old Mugabe bin don rule Zimbabwe pass 30 years as things dey change from good to bad - tori people sau money no dey, economy spoil, and international community comot hand to dey help di country.

Now as things be, Oga Mnangagwa just dey coole-bodi for di office of president, until Mugabe tenure finish, make dem do election around September 2018.

But wetin and who go contest, still never clear.

Di army General, Constantino Chiwenga wey get hand as dem remove Mugabe don already change cloth from military to civilian.

Mnangagwa don select am to be vice president for di ruling party ZANU-PF, and e fit become running mate if Mnangagwa run for president.