You dey believe New Year prophecy?

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New Year prophecy wey pastors dey share with millions of dia followers na important thing for some Nigeria Christians.

Plenty Nigerian Christians believe dia pastors dey see vision wey God dey show dem on top wetin go happen for future. E dey give some people direction and others hope.

Already, one popular Nigeria pastor, Daniel Olukoya of Mountain of Fire and Miracles, don talk say 2018 na year of 'political confusion' for Nigeria.

But di question be say, Nigerians dey believe dis prophecy say dem dey happen true-true?

Make we rewind go back New Year 2017, chook eye see wetin one or two pastor dem talk for di beginning of di year, come see wetin happen for di end of dat year.

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Image example E normal make church full every Sunday for Nigeria

2017 go be year of surprise

Na 'surprise' full di 9-point vision Pastor Enoch Adeboye, senior pastor for di Redeemed Christian Church of God, share with millions of church people for im New Year prophecy for 2017.

''Many governments all over di world go dey surprised'', na wetin Pastor Adeboye talk.

USA, Zimbabwe, Angola, Kenya, Democratic Republic of Congo, France, Germany, Austria, Republic of Ireland, Pakistan, China and even Nigeria na some of di many countries wey surprise nack dia government dem enter December sef.

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Image example Zimbabwe independence leader Robert Mugabe resign dis year after im rule for 37 years

Some world leaders lose dia power like Robert Mugabe for Zimbabwe after 37 years, others win power no one believe say fit happen, like 40 year-old France President Emmanuel Macron.

Dis na proof why civil servant Ada Onyeka for Onitsha, south-east Nigeria talk say she dey believe men of God when dem talk dia prophecy for di new year.

''I be strong believer of prophecy especially when na from pastors like Pastor Adeboye and Bishop David Oyedepo of Living Faith Church Worldwide International'' Onyeka talk.

''Dia own prophecy dey happen''.

Image example Vatican City for Italy, na di house for some of di oldest church for world

Wayo people go cry for Nigeria

Dr. Daniel Olukoya of Mountain of Fire and Miracles talk say people wey dey chop money go jam plenty headache, for im 2017 New Year prophecy.

No be lie say, anti-corruption agency for Nigeria, di Economic and Financial Crimes Commission don busy for 2017 as dem dey fight corruption, but plenty people don talk say as EFCC dey fight corruption, na so corruption dey fight back.

''No be every time pastor go talk prophecy and e must to happen di year dem talk am, sometimes e fit tey before di thing happen.'' Na wetin journalist, Bolanle Babalola for Abuja FCT talk.

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Image example Hurricane Irma na one of a dozen of tropical storm wey suffer people for North and South America

Pastors no dey too direct with dia prophecy

But movie writer Bode Asiyanbi for Benin, south-south Nigeria dey see things with different eye.

''For olden days, men of God wey dey see vision go talk things like, 'one great man go come from di tribe of Judah free di slaves of Egypt', and you get idea who dis person go be later.'' Asiyanbi talk.

''No be like pastors for today wey dia vision no go get head or tail.''

Asiyanbi believe say anybody wey dey follow tori people dem, dey watch wetin dey happen for world for TV or radio fit get idea wetin go happen for future.

''Take for example di wahala of hurricane wey dey cause strong wind and flooding, dey scatter people house and business. Because climate change dey worry dis our world, l know need any pastor to tell me say hurricane go happen every year''.

Asiyanbi still talk say, ''No be like say prophesy no dey happen o, but l go like if our pastor dem dey talk direct prophecy, prophecy wey declare A to Z, no be di corner-corner one wey we no too sure who or what dem dey talk about''.

Last-last, Babalola talk say she believe some pastors dey see vision, but for others na wetin dey dia mind dem dey talk.

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