'Half of pickins born for New Year day go die' - UNICEF

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E go reach half of di over 20,000 pickins wey dem born for 1 January 2018 for Nigeria wey go die.

Na United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) carry di tori comot and dem say wetin go kill dem na small sickness like pneumonia, sepsis, diarrhea, plus including premature and problem when dem dey born dem.

UNICEF say e go reach 20,210 pickins wey dem go born for 2018 new year day for Nigeria, wey mean say Nigeria dey number three position for di world after India and China.

Why di pickins dem go die?

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UNICEF report for 2016 show say na 2,600 pickins dey die every day and some of dem dey die as dem dey born dem.

Two million odas die for di first week when dem born dem and 2.6 million odas die before dem reach one month sef.

Dem say for Nigeria, more dan 10,000 of pickin wey dem just born go die if government no do anything.

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Some doctor for Nigeria don dey chook mouth for dis UNICEF report.

Fred Achem, wey be gynaecologist, say na shame for any pickin to die for di country. E say wetin dey cause di palava be say hospitals and clinics dem no get things wey dem suppose get, primary health services no good and plenty midwife dem no sabi dia work.

Government don do wetin dem say dem go do?

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Nigerian government bin promise last year say dem go upgrade 10,000 primary health care centres for 774 local governments for Nigeria.

Dem say dem go make di health centre reach level wey World Health Organisation want.

To do dis one, government say dem don release $1.5million give state governments dem.

Di primary Health Care Development Agency say dem go first repair 109 centres.

Even though dem don finish work for some area like Kuchingoro for Abuja, plenty oda health care centres no get better laboratories and correct people wey suppose work dia.

UNICEF tori person, Eva Hinds, say if Nigeria no wan make pickins dem die, dem must provide clean water and electricity for hospitals and correct people wey sabi.

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