Cameroon: How voter registration go be for Anglophone regions?

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"Registration na quick quick, e easy sotey na only with your identity card".

Na so Elections Cameroon (ELECAM) di tok as dem announce another campaign for write pipo dia name dem for electoral register.

Dis registration campaign start on 2 January 2018 and e follow de wan weh e end for 31 August 2017 as e deh ELECAM calendar. Abdoulaye Babale, Director of ELECAM be officially open registration for council dem for Yaoundé today.

ELECAM boss say registration na for any man weh e don be 20 years or more, meet de condition dem for voter code for registration and pipo weh no bi register for 2012.

Na four main election dem; presidential, legislative, senatorial and municipal go hold for Cameroon for this 2018 and ELECAM be de main commission weh e go manage de election.

President Biya for e New Year speech, tok say dis year na important election year, and government go daso take measure dem for make sure say election hold for inside peace and security.

For six months for 2017, ELECAM be register 403,069 new pipo. Now so, na 6,073,530 pipo dem don put their name for register for de whole kontri.

As wuruwuru still deh for ground for de Anglophone region, more for Manyu Division for Southwest, pipo di wanda how registration go be for de area; if ELECAM go fit fine some better way for helep de population for go put dia name for electoral register.

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