Better tips on how to fresh during Harmattan

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Image example Harmattan dey reduce as water dey dey for air and dis one dey dry person bodi

Harmattan don show for many countries for West Africa and as e show, e dey affect people different way.

Dry breeze, sun go hot die, dust go full everywhere and sometimes for night, di place go cold .Harmattan dey make nose and mouth dey one kain; lip go crack anyhow and eye fit dey pour water.

Wetin be Harmattan?

Harmattan na hot dry wind wey dey blow from east side for di Sahara. As di wind dey blow, e dey carry plenty dust wey go full air sotay you fit no see your front sef.

So Harmattan get as e dey change weather but you sabi say e fit affect your health?

BBC Pidgin carry di mata give Doctor Kenechukwu Nwosu, wey dey work for hospital for Abuja and Doctor Kelechi Okoro, wey dey social media as Healthertainer.

Wetin you fit do?

  • "Drink plenty water," na wetin Doctor Nwosu talk.

Water dey very important and for harmattan, people suppose drink more sef. Another thing be say 60 percent of human being body na water.

  • "Make you dey reduce as you dey use air conditioner" because, e go just increase di way person go cold and if you too cold, you fit sick.
  • "Make person dey wear better cloth to cover im bodi."

Na di same thing Doctor Okoro talk.

  • "Harmattan dey sweet person like say e dey under AC, but no be so, and di weather fit affect eye and breathing system for di bodi."
  • Use cream wey get like oil inside for your bodi, make your skin dey shine.

"Use lip balm," na wetin Doctor Okoro talk as she say no be only bae suppose fine, even boo go try step up.

  • Use oil and moisturiser for your hair and leg join.

Doctor Okoro say dis one dey important because hair dey break sake of say e don dry from di weather anf even person leg fit just crack open.

  • Glasses and face mask good too because e dey help make dust and dirty no enter eye and nose, against catarrh and cough upandan.
  • "Make your inhaler be your best friend." Because people wey dey get health mata like asthma dey get serious problem for harmattan time.
  • If you buy food for road, always wash am well-well.
  • Vitamin C dey very important to help person around dis time, so na to dey chop fruit and vegetable.
  • "No be by drug alone." Doctor Okoro talk say e get things wey people fit do to clear dia nose, like to use inhale steam plus menthol clear person throat, instead of to dey take medicine anyhow.

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