Cameroon: Fame Ndongo Challenge de reign for social media

Cameroon president Paul Biya dey wave Image copyright Patrick Kovarik/AFP/Getty Images
Image example Paul Biya don dey run things for Cameroon for 35 years

Video weh e di show how President Biya no use sweet belle greet di Higher Education Minister Jacques Fame Ndongo, na big tori for social media.

Weti e show wan be like president just di hurry for greet other pipo dem during ceremony for New Year wishes yesterday for Etoudi.

Cameroonian dem think say President Biya be di avoid Minister as deh di join am with for student laptop mata.

Dis na di same tori where student dey criticise di laptop weh government give dem.

Cameroon: President Biya laptop dey ginger talk

De greeting don go viral with de challenge as any man di make e own imitation video and share screen shots of de live streaming from national television for Facebook and Twitter.

Dis wan no bi de first challenge for Cameroon. Last year, Sport Minister Pierre Ismael Bidoung Kpwatt bend sotey like 90 degrees for greet de president.

Di mata go viral, even players dem for National team like Adolphe Teikeu do Bidoung Challenge when Indomitable Lions di celebrate cup for presidency.

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