Nigeria: Three diseases wey dey kill pickin under five years and how to prevent am

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Image example Malaria na di number 1 cause of sickness for West Africa

Even as World Health Organisation don approve new typhoid vaccine drug to take prevent di disease, vaccine never dey for di top three disease wey dey take lives of pickin under five years for Nigeria.

Malaria na di number one cause of death for pickin wey dey under five years old for Nigeria but other disease dey wey take live of pickin too; and dem dey preventable.

Research people wey be Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) say after malaria, di oda disease wey dey cause death pass for pickin under five years na diarrhoea, and then HIV/AIDS come follow.

E dey important to prevent dis disease dem because even though di number of pickin wey dey die from dem don come down small-small, e still dey very high, especially for country like Nigeria wey get di largest economy for Africa.

Dis na how to stop Malaria

According to Planned Parenthood Federation of Nigeria (PPFN), about 300,000 pickin dey die every year from malaria disease for di country.

To help prevent malaria for pickin:

  • Use bedroom wey get window net
  • Make pickin sleep inside mosquito net wey dem don treat with insecticide - dis na long-lasting insecticidal nets (LLIN). One LLIN go continue to work up to four years, even after dem wash am more than 20 times
  • If chance dey, make pickin dey sleep for room wey cool or get air-conditioner
  • Use insecticide spray for inside house/bedroom
  • Make pickin dey wear cloth wey go cover dia hand and leg for outside, if dem dey area wey mosquito plenty
  • Make pickin dey get test and treatment quick-quick if parent suspect say dem no well
  • Mama wey dey pregnant must get Intermittent Preventive Treatment (IPT); dis na treatment wey hospital go give women wey go for antenatal.

How you fit dey prevent Diarrhoea

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Image example Apart from diarrhoea, to dey wash hand well-well dey help prevent plenty disease

Dis number 2 cause of pickin death for Nigeria na also one of di highest for di world, with about 103,000 death every year, according to medical study wey dem record inside The Lancet Infectious Diseases journal.

When pickin get diarrhoea, di pickin poo-poo go dey watery and belle go dey pain am. Sometimes e go come with headache and bodi go dey hot.

Na water wey no dey clean and doti for environment be di main cause of diarrhoea.

To prevent diarrhoea for pickin:

  • Cook food well
  • If water doti, no drink am or take am cook
  • Make sure insect no dey inside pickin food
  • Wash hand for pickin and di adult with soap after poo-poo
  • Rotavirus vaccine dey for pickin to collect for Nigeria, as e dey important to prevent di disease.


Pickin wey get di disease go don get am through mama for pregnancy, labour, delivery, or breastfeeding. Other way for pickin wey don grow small, na if dem use anything wey sharp, and wey don already carry blood from person wey get HIV/AIDS, take chook di pickin.

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Image example HIV/Aids no get cure but treatment dey to take manage di disease

To help prevent HIV/AIDS for pickin:

  • Make man and women wey wan born make sure say dem no get di disease for body as pickin fit catch am for inside belle
  • If di mama don test positive, make she begin take treatment quick-quick
  • Di pickin sef must begin take treatment if im test positive

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