Cameroon Anglophone region dey mark 100 days without Internet

Woman dey make call Image copyright STR/AFP/Getty Images
Image example Tori be say Cameroon government bin cut di Internet since October for di Anglophone region

One hundred days after authorities comot Internet for di English-speaking region of Cameroon, some country people don enter social media to protest, ask government to bring back di Internet.

Dis palava start when some people for di region begin enter street because dem wan separate, form dia own country wey dem call Ambazonia.

Tori be say e don reach 100 days now since dem cut am, and Internet never dey stable for di country.

Plenty people don leave street, enter social media today, dey say dem want government to #BringBackOurInternet and #KeepItOn, and na like dis some write dia mind:

Dis ones own be say di Internet don affect businesses wey don dey suffer since internet go, while even students and lecturers wey go soon resume school now no see Internet use for di first term:

All dis one start for Cameroon from discrimination mata wey concern lawyers and teachers and also people wey come from Southern Cameroon wey make dem wan comot di country.

E no dey clear how many people don die but sabi people say na like 28,000 don run enter Nigeria from Cameroon as at last year.

Cameroon President Paul Biya bin talk say im go deal with di attackers after four soldiers and two policemen die for attack wey happen for Manyu division.

Then for early December. Common wealth Secretary-General Patricia Scotland too been visit Cameroon, to do talk-talk with government about di ways wey di Commonwealth fit support Cameroon dia effort to face di different palava wey dia eyes dey see now.

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