Cameroon: School for second term start na with fear for Anglophone region

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Image example Dis na archive picture of school children in Northern Cameroon

Pickin dem for Cameroon English-speaking region dem don hurry for go school for go learn even as mami dem bi di fear for seka ghost town.

Fear deh because secessionist announce say make everybodi keep ghost town for three days, start today for Anglophone region dem for protest de abduction of dei leader Julius Ayuk Tabe and yi kombi dem.

Tori be say authorities arrest di secessionist leader dem for Nera Hotel for Abuja, Nigeria for inside meeting and na so e no deh clear wusai dem deh.

But Nigeria security people wey no gree say dia name tell AFP say Nigeria government no get hand for de abduction.

Mama Agatha for Abakwa tell BBC Pidgin say, "some people drag we ear say make we no send pickin dem for school, so we di daso fear".

But fear no stop school, anoda mami say, "na shop deh bi lock for ghost town but we di send pikin dem for school."

"Ah di see pikin dem di, big and small with school uniform di go school," wan pa join for tok how yi see Buea today.

For some side for Buea and Bamenda, school don start small-small, but population think say as de week di go, things dem go fit change and plenty pickin go deh school.

Image example Shops deh closed today inside Bamenda

For Bamenda and Buea Bendsikin and motor-car dem di wok for some kain slow way. Since weh palapala start for Anglophone region, ghost town na deh thing weh population de keep like kontri Sunday.

Image example Bamenda town dis morning

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