Nigeria: 'Equal pay for women no dey important' - HR Expert

Equal pay rally. Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Women all over di world don begin ginger demself, dey protest for equal pay.

Plenty palava don happen before wey show say for some organisation, man and woman fit dey do di same work but dem go pay di man more money pass di woman.

Na dis one make women for world begin demand say dem must collect equal pay. Tennis star Serena Williams even follow for di women wey want make woman dey collect di same money wey dem dey pay men for work.

But one woman don tell BBC News Pidgin say dis one no dey important.

"Equal pay no dey necessary", na wetin Human Resources expert Oluwaseyi Dairo talk.

Oluwaseyi say e get plenty women wey dey work for top positions and dem dey collect plenty money pass men.

She say instead, make women dey fight for equal pay, make dem set dia goals, get all di important qualifications and dem go reach where dem want come still dey collect plenty join.

More women no wan take ear hear say pay no match for workplace.

Janada from Nigeria wey be Communication Officer say she no see any reason why she and man go do di same work for office but dem go pay her money wey small pass di man own just because she be woman.

She feel say she fit do anything wey any man dey do so e dey important say dem no do her wayo inside any salary mata.

Another Nigerian lady, Sharon wey dey work as Brand Communicator tell BBC News Pidgin say di contract wey she sign for her office dey against workers wey dey discuss salary and any worker wey no obey fit collect suspension, or sack letter.

Sharon say na person wey get something to hide dey set those kain rules.

She dey sure say di company wey she dey work for no dey pay everybodyi wey dey do di same work equal pay.

Oluwaseyi say e better make everybodi look di matter with full eye, because "connections, qualifications and job performance na some of di things wey fit cause unequal pay for organizations. But if na 'one-man-business' for Nigeria, na there you go see where things person tribe, religion and gender fit cause unequal pay."

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