5 things wey some men dey do to 'slay'

Man Image copyright NELSON ALMEIDA/AFP/Getty Images
Image example When e come to fashion mata, both women and men dey dig am out.

Di idea say na only women like fashion and wan fine na old gist. Men no dey carry last.

Today wey how people see you dey important and many people fit relate with you based on how you look, men too don dey do wetin dey necessary to stay fine.

Some men don even go extra miles to do some kind things to dia body to 'blend'.

Penis bleaching

Image copyright LELUXHOSPITAL
Image example Lelux hospital say dem start to dey bleach penis when patients start to dey ask for di service

Penis bleaching dey make waves today for Thailand.

Although bleaching no be new thing for di Southeast of Asia, dis new trend don carry things enter another level.

With di penis bleashing, people wan "fine" or "white" for everywhere and dem believe say white private part dey fine pass.

Six pack

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Image example Six pack without exercise dey possible with money

As some men dey carry sweat full dia bodi for inside gym to get six pack, some go just pay money do surgery.


Plenty men dey do dis surgery to make dia smile more attractive.

Pink Lips

Image copyright JarateJarate

Who tell you say na only women want pink lips? Some men too want am and dem go anything dem fit do so dem go get am. Dis trend dey happen for countries for Africa too like Nigeria.

Eye Tattoo

Image copyright YASUYOSHI CHIBA
Image example Some people tattoo reach eye too

Okay so dis wan na for people wey love tattoo, some men dey tattoo dia eye to any colour dem want. Women too fit do dis wan.

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