Nigeria: How to take stop sms wey you no want

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Many users for Nigeria don tire to dey get anyhow text message (spam) from phone number wey dem no sabi, but how person go take stop dis kind text?

For 1 July 2016, Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) give order to di major telecommunications operators to activate wetin dem call di 'do not disturb' service, wey bi way for any gsm user to take stop to dey receive spam message wey dem no want.

Image copyright NCC

Kenneth Uzoekwe, NCC zonal controller follow BBC Pidgin talk about di campaign wey dem dey carry do on top di mata.

Di way to do am na to sms 'STOP' to 2442 and those kain anyhow message suppose stop.

But di thing be say many people wey don try dis number dey complain say e no dey work, because spam still dey enter dia phone.

Image example Na different different text message from mago mago people dey find way enter people phone now

Mr Uzoekwe say "If you get issue with any of di service provider... first thing na to complain to dem, if after dat di issue still continue, then call our 622 toll free line."

Im say make people make sure say dem don check dis things first before dem call:

  • Make sure say your network get good coverage before you use di service.
  • Technical fault from machine fit cause am to fail, so try again another time.
  • E fit take up to 24 hours before you go see change.
  • Finally, to check whether di service don work for you, send 'STATUS' to 2442.
Image example NCC say any phone fit work with dia 2442 service

Wetin di NCC oga talk be say e also fit be say di spam no be from telecoms dem but from another place like di internet or Value Added Services (VASs) providers, wey bi two things NCC no get power over.

Other things person fit do

E also dey important to know how di other ways wey person fit take prevent and manage dis anyhow spam message wey dey find way enter our phone:

  • No dey give your number anyhow for event like musical concert, unless you trust di organizers
  • Dey careful for website wey go ask you for phone number to take register, especially if you suspect say dia way no pure
  • If e dey important to dey leave your number, maybe because you dey expect call of message back, then you fit get another line for dis reason
  • For iphone, apps like Hiya and SMS Shield dey wey go comot spam message keep for another place, so you no go see am
  • For android, apps like Clean inbox - sms blocker, Reos SMS and True Caller na di popular ones wey dey do di same thing
  • Di last thing be say, no reply to dis kind text because next wey you go see be say, dem go begin rush you with dem

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