Nigeria: Kaduna schools wey no open for new term don vex parents dem

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Nigeria: Kaduna state schools no open as new term start

Some parents for Kaduna State North West Nigeria, say dem no happy as dia pickin just siddon for house no go school because of teacher strike wey di happen for di state.

Dis na as new school term don start all over di country.

Emmanuel Eluma wey talk to BBC News Pidgin say im dey worry because plenty pickin go enter street and fit come dey do drugs and other bad-bad things for town.

E say if di children no go school, e go affect dia future for tomorrow; e want di government and di teachers to join mouth talk to solve di problem for di interest of di children.

Some public school bin no open on Monday because teachers go strike say dem no go enter classroom, until government change dia mind on top sack wey dem give some of dia members.

Kaduna government bin don plan to sack more than 21,000 teachers for di state because dem no pass di competency test wey e set give dem.

Nigeria: Kaduna Teachers don fail Primary 4 test

Any teacher wey no come school go face penalty -State Government

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Image example Dis na di kain school pickin dem wey suppose write di same test di Kaduna teachers fail

Di Kaduna state government don talk say di teachers wey no come work go face punishment.

Na di talk-talk person for Governor Nasir Elrufai wey be Samuel Aruwan say so for statement.

Im say education administrators don dey submit names of teachers wey no come class and government go take necessary action.

Government bin don draw ear warn say dem go sack any teacher wey join di strike.

How di Teachers' Union dem dey react?

BBC News Pidgin try different times to reach di union leader, Audu Amba, make im talk im own for di mata but dis one bin no dey possible because im phone no dey go through.

But di union wey join bodi with Nigeria Labour Congress bin don talk say dem no go go back class until government hear dia demand.

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