'I don lose friends because of my dreadlocks'

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'Some people go say dis one na Yahoo boy'

Dreadlocks or 'dada' as dem dey call am na one of di popular ways people dey take style dia natural hair for Africa. Some people even carry dada hair come world, while some wey like di hair well-well dey lock dia natural hair by choice.

Both men and women dey carry di hair but some people dey frown face give men wey get dada especially for Nigeria.

For di recent #EndSARS campaign, one of di things wey Nigerians accuse police of na say dem dey always harass young boys wey dey carry dada.

Chinedum Ucheoma wey be software consultant for IT company tell BBC News Pidgin all di kain wahala im dey face everyday because of im dada hair. Chinedum talk say even though im get dada, e no stop am to do im work well.

BBC News Pidgin still talk to dada hairstylist Ade Balogun; she say some of di main things wey dey make people frown face on top dreadlocks na:

  • Some people feel say na hairstyle for mad people.
  • Dada dey make person no look serious.
  • Some people wey no like white garment church for Nigeria dey see am as hairstyle for people wey dey go di church.

How to grow dada

Ade Balogun drop tips for people wey go like begin carry dada, whether you be man or woman and two things wey she say you need na:

  • Natural hair wey relaxer or any chemical don touch.
  • Patience before di hair go begin long.

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