More Southern Cameroon separatists dey miss for Nigeria

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Image example Na for Nigeria Southern Cameroon separatist leader Sisiku Ayuk Tabe bin dey live before dem arrest am

Barrister Shufai Blaize Vernyuy fit deh among de pipo weh Southern Cameroon members di suspect say yi bi deh for de Nera Hotel for Abuja, Nigeria when de security operatives dem bi operate for 5 January.

Since den yi no deh clear where de leader dem deh, and who abduct dem.

Communication Secretary for di separatist group, Chris Anu, say deh nova hear or tok with Barrister Shaufai Blaize Vernuyuy, yi number no di pass and yi nova tok with yi family member dem since de day weh deh abduct de leader dem.

BBC go hotel for Abuja deh confirm say security men be carry out operation for hotel. But Nigeria government don komot yi hand say yi no know anything about de leader dem.

Mr Anu say dei leader dem deh safe inside Nigeria but deh no know where dem dey.

De secessionist call for peaceful protest for front of Nigeria Embassy and missions dem abroad for push say make Nigeria government for free Southern Cameroon leader dem.

De member dem send strong message say make Anglophone region dem continue for hold ghost town tight and make school no start.

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African law maker dem say make Nigerian government free South Cameroon leader dem

De president for African lawyers group, Hannibal E. Uwaifo on behalf of de group don call on Nigerian government make yi release Southern Cameroon leaders weh de sure say na Nigerian security organ abduct dem.

Dem say Nigeria na respectable member for international community and yi suppose respect United Nations Convention on Refugee and charter for Human rights with some plenty other law dem weh de di give refugee right.

African lawyer dem say, "if de abduction na for send de leader dem for Cameroon den Nigeria don violate international law weh e denai say make deh no return refugee for country weh yi di run from."

De lawyers dem tok say make deh release de leaders dem, ask for forgiveness and pay dem compensation and make government investigate how de abduct be southern Cameroon leader dem.

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