Companies dey use 'race advert' deceive people?

Photo of H&M latest advert show black pickin dey model sweat shirt hoodie wey dem write 'coolest monkey in the jungle' on top Image copyright @hm
Image example H&M don write apology tell people sorry on top dis advert for dia new cloth dem make.

Di H&M advert on 8 January wey make people call dem out say dem be "racist" no be di first time e dey happen.

Dis latest advert show black pickin dey model sweat shirt hoodie wey dem write 'coolest monkey in the jungle' on top.

Na so plenty people dey provoke for H&M sotey one singer The Weeknd announce say im don end im relationship with di big fashion company.

Odas like Manchester United footballer Romelu Lukaku, American basketball player LeBron James and American rapper P-Diddy condemn wetin di Swedish fashion company do on top di advert.

Just one day after social media shake on top di matter, H&M on Tuesday 9 January write apology beg everybody wey vex for dem, even remove di picture.

But di thing be say no be only H&M don do dis kain thing before and people don argue say dem know wetin dem dey do.

Some even say na means to make people talk about dia market.

See 3 advert wey don suffer dis kain social media quarrel before.

1.Dove Cream advert.

Dis particular one happen for October 2017. Inside di advert na one Nigerian Model remove cloth, change from black person to white person.

E provoke people wella so tey Dove write apology.

But Lola Ogunyemi di person wey show inside di recent Dove advert say belle no sweet her on top how people misinterpret di advert' wey cause wahala.

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'People misinterpret di Dove advert' - Lola Ogunyemi

2.Nivea skin lightening advert

Dat same October 2017, people give Nivea bad mouth because of skin care advert .

Dem too write apology say sorry on top di matter.

Image copyright Nivea
Image example Di new advert for "natural fairness" cream come out for Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon and Senegal

1.Pepsi Kendal Jenner Advert

Dis advert happen for April 2017, dem show protest of 'Black Lives Matter' movement to promote peace, unity and understanding come put Kendal Jenner as di star.

Dat time di soft drink company bin plan to show am for di whole world.

But people attack di advert so tey Pepsi remove am, come even write apology tell dem sorry.

But people don conclude say all dis beauty and fashion company no fit deceive dem again with skin colour matter.

But as e be say all of dem wey don follow dis pattern, bin apologize give people di argument go continue.

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