"My son go do 'Happy New Year' wen cultists kill am"

Innocent Image copyright Prince Agility
Image example Late Innocent Amirize wey die on New Year day for Omoku

E don pass one week since di New Year day attack wey some cultists go shoot and kill over 16 people wey bin dey return from crossover church service for Omoku, Rivers State south-south Nigeria.

Many others still dey hospital dey take treatment for di serious wound dem get from di attack.

On Sunday 7 January, Nigerian Army come with di deadi body of one notorious cultist and kidnapper, Ejima Igwedibia Johnson aka Don Wanny, im second in command, Ikechukwu Adiele and another gang member, Lucky Ode wey dem kill for shoot out wey happen for Enugu, south east Nigeria. Security people say na dis gang bin carry out di New Year day attack for Omoku.

But for some families of victims of di attack, di death of di Don Wanny no mean anything to dem.

Ojum Isaac Godknows seven year old daughter, Blessing get serious gunshot wounds for her belle, her hands and her lap from di attack.

She dey one hospital for Port Harcourt dey take treatment. For him na for all dis cult wahala to stop for Omoku, because wetin don already happen with di killing of Don Wanny no really get any meaning for am sake of say im pickin still dey suffer di pains for hospital. Im tell BBC News Pidgin say, "I feel bad. I no happy for wetin dey happen. I want make e stop. As many as dem dey, make dem die, so dat other people will not be involve again because wetin I dey experience now, I never experience am before since dem born me. Any of dem wey still dey, make army know wetin dem go do to remove all so peace go dey for Onelga."

Omoku: Di Nigerian community wey 'cultists' don scatter

Image copyright Ojum Godknows
Image example Blessing get serious gunshot wounds for her belle, her hands and her lap from di attack.

For Chief Sunday Amirize wey im son, Innocent Amirize follow die for di New Year Shooting, im want make government arrest all di cult boys wey dey terrorise Omoku and environs, carry dem go court and make dem go prison. Him tell BBC News Tori person Karina Igonikon, say dis cult boys and criminals bin don kidnap am before and im family don pay ransom before dis killing come happen for New Year day.

E say dis im son death dey pain am well well because im dey year two for University and dat particular day, im go greet im friend happy New Year and na dia im meet im death.

But for Masi Prince Ernest wey dey live for Omoku, di memory of wetin happen still dey people mind. Im say di killing of Don Wanny don raise plenty questions on di military operations wey kill am. Im say e for beta say dem catch am make him dey alive talk than say dem kill am.

Masi wey be lecturer for Federal College of Education (Technical) Omoku say na only justice wey dem want. E say make government enforce di law and carry people wey commit crime, kill people go court, make dem go prison to pay di penalty for dia crime and not just only amnesty programme.

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