Nigeria: 3 things wey people no expect fit block road

Traffic for Lagos, Nigeria Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Road traffic jam dey common for some places for Nigeria

Imagine after you don dey inside hold-up for hours you come find out say wetin cause am na event canopy for middle of road.

To dey inside traffic jam for road na one of di things wey dey chook people for bodi pass. E fit be say e no allow you reach market quick to do your business or, before you reach cinema, your date don vex waka comot, most people no dey hapi when road wey suppose free don block.

For some place, like Lagos and Kano, you no fit escape di traffic because people plenty for road at di same time. That one normal.

Or, when big lorry fall for middle of road, well, wetin person fit do?

But anoda level of vex dey usually enter di mata for people wey dey go somewhere when dem come see say di reason dem no fit pass na because some people think say na dem get road.

Dis na 3 road blockers wey no dey normal.


Market dey and market dey. Some market for Nigeria dey very popular no be because say dai things cheap or get correct quality but because of di way di place dey rough.

Image copyright PIUS UTOMI EKPEI/AFP/Getty Images
Image example Popular markets for Lagos wey dey block moto to pass na like Balogun (for picture), Aswani and Bariga

Sellers and buyers go take over di main road, so tay if person do mistake dey inside moto wey follow middle of di market, na hook that person go hook for hours.


Some people believe say big celebration na opportunity for dem to do wetin dem never do before. Like some community wey anytime dem wan jollificate, dem go carry canopy, chair and table take block main road wey cars suppose pass.

Others, for end of di year, go carry carnival celebration to take block road.

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Image example Road wey person no fit pass on top carnival and jollification


Sometimes when space for place of worship no reach for people to enter take pray, dem go use main road. Dis one dey cause frustration especially for person wey no expect say dat kind thing dey happen dia.

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Image example In 2011, Paris ban praying for main road

Another thing we de for inside dis tori