Nigeria: Libya returnee migrants fit don join ISIS - Obasanjo

Olusegun Obasanjo dey talk Image copyright Anthony Devlinl/Getty Images
Image example Olusegun Obasanjo na former president wey rule Nigeria two times, as military leader and democratic leader, for 1976 and 1999

As many Nigerians dey return from Libya, di concern for many people be say, terrorist organisations wey dey di Arab country fit don influence di returnee wey fit do bad-bad thing.

For interview wey former Nigeria president Olusegun Obasanjo give BBC, im talk about how im dey worry for di Nigerians wey fit don join militia group ISIS for Libya, before dem carry dem come back house.

"Di people wey dem dey bring come back to di country, how we go take know if dem bi Nigerian true-true? And some fit dey wey bi Nigerians wey fit don join, or get training by ISIS," na wetin di two-time former Nigeria president bin ask.

Image example According to di International Organisation for Migration (IOM), more than 7,000 Nigerians don return since January 2017

Oga Obasanjo believe say di Libya returnees, wey face serious conditions for dia, fit be security risk for Nigeria, because dem fit begin do bad things and join bad gang, as work no dey for dem to do.

For November 2017, President Muhammadu Buhari promise say im government go take care of di returnees, under dia rehabilitation programme and some state governments like Delta State get skill and entrepreneurial programme for dia people too.

'I dey very worried'

Anoda mata wey dey cause big security palava for West Africa and Nigeria especially na di militia group Boko Haram, wey Obasanjo talk say make am dey "worried, very very worried".

But im say di solution to stop Boko Haram, fit be when countries join bodi.

Obasanjo say make countries from 'Lake Chad basin' and di 'Sahel' come together to form joint multinational task force, so dem go prevent di palava wey di militia group or odas fit cause.

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