Universal mannequin: Beta don land for tailors dem

Man wey hold mannequin. Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Di universal mannequin go help people wey dey di fashion industry to do dia work quick-quick.

Person wey dey fashion industry no dey fit escape to use mannequin or 'doll-baby' to sample dia cloth.

If na five different sizes of clothes di fashion designer get, e mean say na e go need to buy five different doll-baby just to sample cloth. No be small money to buy dem, and space inside shop na different expenses di mata fit cause.

Some tailors dem and people wey dey sell clothes bin don find small solution to dis wahala. Instead make dem buy different mannequin, dem go use only one doll-baby, come use clip hold di cloth for back to give am fitting.

But now, one company for US don make mannequin wey fit change to any shape, size and even height.

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With dis mannequin wey dem dey call 'Euveka', people wey dey fashion industry no go need to get different doll-baby for different type of cloth. Fashion designers too no need to dey use clip, pin or peg to hold cloth wey dem wan sample for back.

To use dis universal mannequin, na just to type di measurements of di cloth enter di system and e go use like 10 seconds to change shape and size - e fit even change to di shape of woman wey get belle.

One small problem wey dis universal mannequin get be say even though say di mannequin fit sample any kain cloth, na only one cloth e fit wear per time.

Dis one mean say fashion designers go still need to get pass one mannequin if dem wan get different samples for dia house.

Dis universal mannequin no dey cheap at all, as just one dey sell for around Ā£84,000. Dat na why na only big fashion houses like Chanel and Louis Vuitton dey use am for now. Dem go begin ship di first batch of di universal mannequin by March dis year.

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