Countries wey slavery still dey happen

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Image example People shock wen video where dem dey sell human being come out for Libya

Global Slavery Index wey Walk Free Foundation and International Labour Organization do, say over 45.8 million people worldwide dey in one form of slavery or di other.

Dis index rank slavery level for 167 countries based on dia population for 2016.

Di type of slavery dem identify include by force labour through mental and physical threat, pickin wey dey do by force work wey pass im size, pickin soldiers, by force pickin marriage, prostitution, sex slave, and other types. E also include to sell pickin to dey beg and do houseboy work without pay.

Na im make wen tori comot say for Libya, dem dey treat people from other countries as slaves; dey buy dem, suffer dem as if dem be animals, di whole world vex say dat kain thing no good at all at all, say na crime against humanity. But di thing be say no be for only Libya slavery dey happen for di world.

Di Global Slavery Index say many government no dey take dis issue of slavery for dia country serious and even wen dem know, dem no dey do anything to stop am or pretend say dem no know say something like dat dey happen.

Some of di countries wey get slavery pass include:

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Image example By force work dey common for Asia


  • India get over 18 million slaves. Many people dey by force work to take pay debt wey dia family owe. Even though di government stop am since 1976, e still dey happen. By force marriage sef dey there.
  • China get 3.3 million slaves. E dey mostly happen through by force labour, illegal adoption and sexual slavery.
  • Pakistan get 2.1 million slaves and some of dem na intergenerational slaves where pickin dey do by force labour to pay family debt or marry. Di government don stop dis practice since 1990 but e still dey go on till now.
  • Bangladesh get over 1.5 million slaves. Many of dem dey do by force labour and pickin marriage. Poverty, plenty natural disaster and corruption don make slavery common for di country.
  • North Korea with over one million slaves. Many of dem na pickin as young as 5 years wey dey do by force work.
  • Indonesia get over 730,000 slaves. In fact dem say over 80% of dia population dey live for poverty so human trafficking, by force labour and sex work plenty dia.
  • Uzbekistan get 1.2 million slaves and many of dem dey work for dia cotton field.
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Image example Prostitution na form of slavery for countries like Russia according to di Global Slavery Index


  • Russia get over one million slaves wey dey do by force work to pay debt with human trafficking to other countries like South Korea, China and Oman for sex work and pickin dey beg for road.
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Image example Child soldiers dey common for countries for Central Africa where fight-fight dey happen


  • Mauritania don try three times to abolish slavery but e no work. Di most recent one na 2007 where dem say na ten years imprisonment for person wey hold slaves and two years imprisonment to dey promote slavery. Tori be say over half a million people for there na slaves and dem no go fit own property, get surname of get legal custody of pickin wey dem born.
  • Democratic Republic of Congo get over 800,000 slaves and most of dem be pickin soldiers for di palava wey dey there sake of demand for cobalt wey dem get plenty.
  • For Nigeria over 875,000 slaves dey. Di type of slave wey plenty pass na pickin marriage and di one wey dem give pickin to do houseboy work or to dey beg or sell for road.
  • Sudan get over 450,000 slaves. For di second civil war for 1986 to 2002, dem kidnap many women and pickin come force dem into slavery. Today, dem dey sell slaves go countries for Middle East as houseboy, by force begging and prostitution.
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Image example Child slave for Asia

Middle East

  • For Qatar, low-level foreign workers dey like slaves as dia employers dey hold dem hostage and seize dia passport. Dis one dey very common for many Middle East countries.
  • For Iraq, dem dey capture women and pickin and sell dem as slave. Some families sef fit sell dia daughters while dem dey force di boys to join militants wey dem go come be suicide bombers or human shields. Some families dey even sell dia disable pickin.
  • Yemen get over 300,000 slaves wey dey for by force marriage and work even to pay family debt. Dem ban slavery for 1962 but for 2010 tori comot say di Yemeni Observatory of Human Rights leak one contract wey one judge authorize to buy human being as slave.
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Image example Sugar Cane field for Dominican Republic

North America

  • Guatemala get over 130,000 slaves. Di drug trafficking palava there dey encourage am so high level of by force labour, prostitution and sex slave plenty.
  • Dominican Republic get over 100,000 slaves wey dey work for dia sugar industry. Dem dey do prostitution and houseboy work.

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