Cameroon: 'Kondengui prison flop seka Anglophone crisis' - Lawyer

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Image example Dis archive picture na for 22 September 2017 as pipo for Bamenda be di protest against discrimination

Prisoner dem for Kondengui weh deh bi arrest for seka Anglophone crisis need support, according to lawyer wey don dey look dia mata for prison.

Barrister Agbor Nkongho, Founder Centre for Human Rights and Democracy in Africa tell BBC News Pidgin say e no dey easy for get lawyer dem for seka: "dey need support for komot Bamenda go Yaoundé, dey go fit spend close to 50,000frs (about $100) for one day."

De prisoner dem no fit even pay charges and lawyers dem di work njogmasi sotei and dis kain situation no fit be forever, na weti oga Nkongho add.

Last year, palapala burst for Anglophone region when lawyers deh complain say government no translate some document dem for English language. Teachers later join for protest de decisions dem weh e di swallow de Anglo-saxon system.

De crisis later go some kain way when secessionist enter with pawa for wan divide kontri for be for dei own - dem call am Ambazonia.

Wetin dey make Southern Cameroon Vex?

Oga Nkongho say as de crisis don tay sotey pass one year, government di continue for arrest more pipo even how way de prison deh di flop and plenty lawyer dem for handle de case no dey.

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Image example Barrister Agbor Nkongho

'We di for beg'

Na yi make Agbor Ngongho di beg say make some lawyers deh helep.

"Na big challenge, plenty arrest deh, and pipo di add for prison, workload deh too much for di Barrister Bernard Muna weh e dey front for handle de case dem."

"We dey on our knees for beg say make lawyers dem join for put pressure make ngoma release de pipo dem for prison."

E add say: "Prisoner dem Kondengui weh de arrest am for seka for dis crisis, get one big trouble, language; deh no fit tok French. If deh go understand question for court or outside, na lawyer be dei saviour."

Even court na another thing weh e di give wahala. "Translation na problem for court, sometime de translators not di do'am well. Some judge and lawyer dem no di understand. Langauge access di really slow court process."

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