Election: Nigeria new political parties na for name only?

INEC official dey register voters dem Image copyright Getty Images

Di Independent National Electoral Commission INEC don register 21 new political parties.

E mean say di total number of parties wey fit contest for 2019 election don increase to 68.

INEC also register di Socialist Party of Nigeria (SPN). Di party bin try to register before for 2014 but INEC no gree after dem say dia paper no complete. But court say di party don do everything wey dem suppose do so make INEC register dem.

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Image example People line up to vote for 2015 election

Di full list of all di political parties, old and new, dey INEC website if you wan check am.

Some Nigerians for social media say di name some of di party dem carry dey very interesting and fit give person idea of wetin dem go do.

Some dey wonder how person fit remember all dis parties dem.

Others reason say no be by plenty parties di country go beta, na if dem get correct idea to develop Nigeria.

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