Ghana: River gods say make school girls no cross am if dem dey menstruate

Upper Volta river
Wetin we call dis foto,

River Ofin dey serve as boundary between Ashanti and den Central Region

Girls for Upper Denkyira East district inside Central Region dey miss nearly 20 out of 60 days for school sake of 'directive' di traditional leaders dey enforce.

Di directive from di river be say make dem no cross di Ofin River when dem dey menstruate.

Menerz no make happy since dis issue come make public.

Shamima Muslim Alhassan, Unicef, Menstrual Hygiene Ambassador tell BBC News Pidgin say di gods dey violate these girls demma right to education, dey den kind tins too dey affect demma performance for school.

"E check like di god's be very powerful abi? Sometimes make we ask dem to account sake of dem dey worry. Dem for show we how dem dey use di plenty power we give dem"

Second command from di gods

Second dictate from di river gods be say make no girl cross di river on Tuesday, which dey deem double wahala give dem.

Activists say dis be discrimination against di girl child, something wey dey rob dem of vital contact hours den quality education for school.

River Ofin dey serve as boundary between Ashanti and den Central Region, school children for der dey cross di river go school for Kyekyewere.

Meanwhile, Central Regional Minister Kwamena Duncan give signal say he go coordinate with di Ashanti Regional Minster make dem find solution to dis challenge.