Nigerians fit survive if 'nylon' no dey?

Plastic bag wey don cause doti for ground Image copyright Paula Bronstein/Getty Images
Image example Kenya na country wey get one of di highest fine for anybodi wey import plastic bag or manufacture am

To help fight environmental pollution, new law for United Kingdom mean say if people wan 'nylon' bag for things wey dem buy, dem go need to pay for am.

Dis kind law fit work for Nigeria, where customers believe say na right for dem to get di bag if dem buy market?

Di problem be say plastic bags no good for di environment. E dey doti ground and water, e dey block gutter to cause flooding and e dey hook animals like cow for throat. Na di reason why, for many countries for di world, dem get law to ban or reduce am for di society.

For Africa, more than 15 countries don ban or put tax on top plastic bag. Di tax mean say plastic bag no go dey free but people go need to buy am.

  • Rwanda (ban) - 2004,
  • Eritrea (ban) - 2005
  • Tanzania (ban) - 2006
  • Mauritania (ban) - 2013
  • Uganda (ban for bag wey no thick) - 2007
  • Kenya (ban) - 2011
  • Benin (ban) - 2017
  • Botswana (tax) 2007
  • Senegal (ban) - 2015)
Image copyright ALEXANDER JOE/AFP/Getty Images
Image example Plastic bag na poor man rain coat because e dey waterproof

E go be like say everywhere person go for Nigeria, im go see plastic bag because na different different things people dey take am do. For some people, na wetin dem dey take pack food put for freezer, and for others, na shower cap.

E popular sotey for Nigeria, e get different names:

  • Leather (bag)
  • Waterproof
  • Polythene
  • Plastic lubber
  • Lylon
  • Poly Bag
  • Nylon

For Kenya, di punishment for person wey import or manufacture plastic bag na four years for prison or pay fine between $19,000 and $38,000.

For 2014, Federal Ministry of Environment for Nigeria announce plans to bring out ban on plastic bag but e be like say dem later forget because nothing don happen since then.

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