Cameroon secessionist leaders: 'Why we di protest inside cold'

Cameroon, Southern Cameroon, Africa Image copyright Dexter Brains/Facebook
Image example Southern Cameroonians go advocate for front Nigerian Embassy for Washington DC

"We go inside de cold seka say make Nigeria free Southern Cameroon leader dem. We no know if na kidnap, abduct or na arrest but we di advocate for human rights, dey be human beings."

Na so Dexter Brains, tell BBC Pidgin News.

Brains, wey be cameraman and TV producer for US join for go Nigerian embassy for Washington DC.

DIfferent protests di happen for front Nigerian embassy dem abroad, say make Nigeria release secessionist leaders weh deh di miss since January 5.

De advocacy start for Washington DC, South Africa follow and today na for front Nigerian Embassy for UK.

Since tori for missing secessionist leader, Julius Sisiku Ayuk Tabe and yi kombi dem komot, e no deh clear wusai deh dey, but de tori from lawyers confirm say na Nigerian security agency take dem.

Some pipo di even craiy as deh di do de protest for di missing leader laik say some man die and di show how de thing di touch dem sotei.

Brains say dis craiy and emotion na because say de same kain thing happen last year for dis kain taim, January.

"Na so deh arrest wan Mancho Bibixy for Bamenda, just now yi still deh for Kondengui. So, me sef, de thing di touch me sotei for seka say we di fear say dat kind thing fit happen again for dis missing southern Cameroon leaders." na wetin im talk.

De TV producer say dey go give message why deh di advocate for Nigerian embassy, and for dia, "embassy tell we say dey know bin know say dat tori dey for Nigeria," e tok.

For social media, picture dem get di hashtag #BringBackOurLeaders, where deh di share picture and video for dei protests dem.

Even for Facebook, na so di Southern Cameroon piop deh si share pictures for dei protest.

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