'We no get place for relocate Cameroon refugees dem just now'- UNHCR Representative

Cameroon, Nigeria, UNHCR Image copyright UNHCR
Image example UNHCR Representative Antonio Canhandula when e visit refugee dem recently

As schools don start, United Nations dey worry say place no dey for put Cameroon refugees wey di run from fight-fight kam Nigeria.

"We di look for camp for put Cameroon refugees... (because) na inside school de refugees di sleep now," na wetin Antonio Canhandula, di United Nations High Commission for Refugee, (UNHCR) Representative to Nigeria and ECOWAS, don explain for BBC News Pidgin.

"We di also worry how we go send de refugee pikin dem for school," Canhandula add.

Na about 15,000 Cameroon refugees dem don run enter Nigeria since weh Anglophone crisis start last year. Since dat taim na every day deh di enter, run go border town dem laik Benue and Cross River State.

Dem don tell tori people say di palapala dey too much, plus fight between government side and some gunmen na de thing e add de number for pipo weh run from around Manfe side.

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De refugee dem na mostly woman and pickin dem, as de UNHCR oga weh e visit Abande last week tok'am.

Image copyright UNHCR
Image example Cameroon refugee dem, mami and pickin dem

As e be so, UNHCR don di work with government for fain place for put dem, but de place weh e go good na where accommodation, water deh dey and weh de agency fit access.

As dem tok'am, e take hours before de refugee agency reach for Abanda as de road no good, dey even climb mountain.

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