Benue killings: 'Na shame say President Buhari no mourn' - Odinkalu

Benue mass burial Image copyright PIUS UTOMI EKPEI

As Benue State government don bury 73 people wey Fulani herdsmen kill for 1 January 2018, Nigerians still dey vex say Federal government no do well on top that matter.

One of di people wey di matter dey vex well, well na human rights activist and former chairman of National Human Rights Commission, NHRC, Chidi Odinkalu.

E talk on top im Twitter handle say di thing wey Federal government dey talk on di Benue killing na shame. Im come add say e bad as President Muhammadu Buhari no even fit send people go Benue State to mourn with di people.

Other people wey dey vex on top di matter include elders of Benue State like Paul Unongu, Chairman, Northern Elders Forum, who talk say if government no fit protect di people, den dem go form dia own security.

Other Nigerians too don enter social media come dey talk plenty how government no fit protect di life of di innocent people wey die.

Dem also dey para for President Buhari talk-talk person, Femi Adesina, after im say di number of people wey herdsmen kill during former president Goodluck Jonathan time for power reach 756 and e pass di number of people wey don die under President Buhari.

"Make anybody no say dis killing dey happen because President na Fulani man," Adesina talk.

Im talk say, "for 2013, e reach nine times wey herdsmen attack communities for Benue State and e pass 190 people wey dem kill."

Adesina still add say "for 2014 dis kain Fulani herdsmen killing reach like 16 times wey e happen and dem kill people wey pass 231."

But dis kain talk don vex plenty Nigerians. Many people think say wetin Mr. Adeshina dey talk na say di Fulani herdsmen never kill enough for under President Buhari government.

Herdsmen bin enter communities for Guma and Logo local government for Benue State come kill kill innocent people and pursue 80,000 from dia homes.

Na tears full people eye for Makurdi, Benue State capital on Thursday as di state government do mass burial for di people wey die.

President Buhari, later tell di police authority make dem go handle di problem but police provoke people more when di Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris, come say di killings na communal clash.

Even though dey hold meetings, people say dem no fit trust police until dem catch those wey dey behind di killings.

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