South Africa: Police don end attacks for H & M shops ontop racist advert

Photo of H&M latest advert show black pickin dey model sweat shirt hoodie wey dem write 'coolest monkey in the jungle' on top Image copyright @hm
Image example H&M don write apology tell people sorry on top dis advert for dia new cloth dem make.

H&M shops for South Africa come under attack after activists carry force enter some of dem before then begin scatter things.

Di protesters talk say na revenge for one advert for internet wey H&M do, wey di activists talk say dey racist.

Dis advert get one black pickin wey dey show off shirt wey dem write 'coolest monkey in the jungle' on top am.

Di wahala wey begin for Saturday morning start for inside four shops for Cape Town when activists from di opposition Economic Freedom Fighters break enter di shops wey just open for business and begin spoil things wey make shoppers run comot.

E be like say di activists don plan di action well-well because e no tey before e spread reach other parts of di country including Johannesburg.

South Africa police fire rubber bullets for H&M store for East Rand Mall for Guateng but nobody injure.

Videos and photos of di attacks don spread for internet, where e don get support and opposition.

H&M wey get more than 4,500 shops for 62 countries never talk anything yet on top wetin dey happen for South Africa.

Even though di Sweden owners of H&M don beg customers, agree say dem no go sell di shirt again and don comot di advert for internet, e don late because plenty people don provoke all over di world.

Celebrities like The Weekend announce say im don end im relationship with di big fashion company while others like Manchester United footballer Romelu Lukaku, American basketball player LeBron James and American rapper P-Diddy condemn wetin di Swedish fashion company do on top di advert.

Even though many people for South Africa dey hail di protesters for di action dem don do for Saturday, other people dey try remind say H&M dey give many South Africans work and na black people go suffer pass if dem comot from di country.

Meanwhile Terry Mangos, wey be di mama of di five-year-old pickin wey model di shirt don talk say all dis vex people dey vex for H&M dey useless and make people comot mind for di thing.

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