Trump 'shithole' talk: US Embassy for Ghana dey do damage control

Donalc Trump Image copyright Tom Pennington

US Embassy for Ghana dey do wetin mannerz see as damage control, after dia President Donald Trump talk nyaa about African countries sey 'shithole.'

Na for Twitter di embassy tell Ghanaians say e be honour give demma staff sey dem dey serve together with Ghanaians, as dem dey value relationship wey dey between dem:

But Ghanaians no happy for wetin di embassy write. Dem say US embassy no comot demself from President Trump in statement:

President Trump bin describe El Salvador, Haiti den some African nations say dem be "shithole" countries for some lawmakers meeting under for White House.

Dis be what he talk: "why sey we get all dis people from shithole countries wey want come here?"

Ghana President Nana Akufo-Addo bore sake of US President Donald Trump talk, and he describe Trump in comment as "extremely unfortunate."Ghana President be di latest African country wey react to Trump besides criticisms Botswana den African Ambassadors for United Nations.

According to Akufo-Addo: "we no go accept dat kind insult, even from leader of a friendly country, no matter how powerful dem dey."

Di Ghana President in word don go viral for social media; some say if all President for Africa work well, den Trump no go fit insult di countries dem, while others say di President dey very correct:

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