Kenya pothole: Velocity patching technology dey fix road

Kenya Traffic Image copyright TONY KARUMBA/AFP/Getty Images
Image example Pothole for road dey spoil car and e dey even affect traffic matter

Pothole dey left, right and centre for most of di road for Nairobi, di Kenya capital.

But e be like say to dey fix am sharp-sharp go soon be di latest thing for town.

Dem don dey use one new thing wey dem dey call "velocity patching machine," and e fit cover hole in less than five minutes.

Dis one dey very fast pass as dem go do am wit hand.

Di project manager wey dey run dis machine for di city, Micheal Murage tell BBC tori person Ferdinand Omondi as e dey work.

"Di first thing na to clean di pothole with strong wind wey dey reach up to 100km/hr, wey go comot any dirty wey don loose."

"After dat one, na to apply di bonding coat wey dey act as place wey you go add material make di pothole repair well."

E come talk say: "di third and final step na to fill di pothole with material wey be dry aggregate and mixture of emulsion for right amount."

Image copyright FEDERICO SCOPPA/AFP/Getty Images
Image example Technology don dey change as dem dey handle road matter for some African countries like Congo, where dem get traffic robot

Di Nairobi county government dey plan buy plenty of di machine make dem dey fix road sharp-sharp, but people feel say even as things dey ground, road maintenance never make sense.

Orodi Odhiambo, wey be senior technologist for University of Nairobi say make di people wey dey manage di city, take care of other things wey dey contribute to pothole.

"Di machine no go work by imself if dem never fix any matter wey dey affect organisation. Di thing be say make di county system arrange di technology together with better organisation."

Im say people wey dey drive for road for Nairobi go enjoy if all di pothole disappear, but di koko be say make dem keep di road for good condition, and na dat one go make sense pass.

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