Fake online vendors: Make you no fall mugu

Phone with shopping basket on top am. Image copyright istock/Robbert Noordzij
Image example People don begin use social media to scam young people wey like to do online shopping.

To get big bumbum don dey hungry Amaka for some time now but shame no gree her enter Pharmacy for street to buy butt enlargement medicine wey she believe say go make her bumbum big.

She feel say she jam luck one day when she see one page for Instagram wey dey sell di butt enlargement medicine. She sharp-sharp transfer N30,000 to di bank account number wey di Instagram page administrator give her. E no waste time before Amaka notice say she no fit see any picture for di Instagram page again. Na den she come know say di Instagram page don block and her money don enter voicemail.

Dis kain tori wey Amaka tell BBC News Pidgin na di tori of plenty other young people wey don lose money to fake online vendors. Di latest na say many people don begin use social media take scam innocent victims, especially young people wey dey like do online shopping.

Joel Oseiga Aleburu wey be cyber-security Analyst tell BBC News Pidgin say dem dey call dis kain scam Advanced Fee Fraud, where person go pay, but e no go ever see di thing wey e take money buy.

Oga Aleburu say e get some things wey you fit do to make sure say you no fall victim to fake online vendors.

1. E dey best to use middleman payment system

Instead make you pay money from your back account direct to di vendor account number, use middleman payment systems like Paypal or Flutterwave. With dis kain payment system, if you no receive wetin you pay for, you fit raise complaint with di payment system wey you use transfer di money and you go get your money back.

2. Check if di page get comments or reviews

Before you buy that fine handbag or correct sneakers, check wetin other people dey talk about di seller and dia service for di comment section of di vendor social media page. If you no see any comment at all, e fit mean say di vendor dey delete comments for dia page and dat na big comma.

3. Do part payment or pay after dem deliver

E beta make you pay di vendor after dem don deliver wetin you order. If di vendor no gree, you fit request say you go like do about 20% payment and after you don collect your order, you go come pay di remaining money.

4. Buy from online sellers wey dey popular

Buy from online sellers wey dey registered, get office where you fit go complain and sellers wey dey popular. If people no too sabi di online seller, e beta make you no buy from dem.

5. Search di vendor on top Google

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Simple Google search fit save you plenty money. Oga Aleburu dey advice say you fit just search di online vendor on top Google and everything about di company go show.

6. Get patience

No let countdown wey some vendors dey put on top dia products make you get high blood pressure say if you no buy dat thing sharp-sharp, you go miss am. Cool down, do your research first before you buy anything.

7. Awoof dey run belle

Oga Aleburu say if something be like say e dey too good to be true, den e really dey too good to be true. Im dey advice young people make dem no dey fall for some kain awoof deals because na dat method fake online sellers dey use scam people.

Another thing we de for inside dis tori