Armed Forces Remembrance Day: 'Dis na wetin we dey face'

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'I make sure say I educate myself'

Former soldiers wey serve Nigeria say dia life dey full of challenges, but dem dey manage, as di country dey celebrate Armed Forces Remembrance Day.

Colonel Wolimoh Akeem serve di Nigerian Army for 15 years before e come retire for 2012, before e join di Nigerian Legionnaires, wey be former armed forces people.

E tell BBC News Pidgin tori person Karina Igonikon say di main palava wey dem dey face be say: "e no get direct way wey government go dey fund dis Legion. E be like say dem leave Legion make e dey look for money any how dem fit look for money…e get di way we fit support people wey still dey serve wey be say, by di time wey dem leave, dem go fit dey useful for demsef."

Image example Di major challenge wey Legionnaires dey face na say money no dey di system

Colonel Ekundayo Opeyemi na member of di Corps of Nigerian Commissionaires. Im say dem dey try dia best to see how dem fit support di legionnaires and families of di fallen heroes, make dem take care of demsef.

But government sef say dem get di legionnaires and dia families for mind, na im make dem get special package for dem every year.

Toyin Awoseyi wey be di Permanent Secretary for Lagos state Ministry of Home Affairs tell BBC News Pidgin say di state government give N25 million to legionnaires for di state, and over 600 bags of rice.

She add say Governor Akinwumi Ambode come give order for special training for Legionnaires wey still dey strong to work, so dat dem go become security guard for all di government schools and di State government go pay dem.

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