Benue Killings: 'We no get land for cattle colony' - Gov Ortom

Leaders dem from Benue State, North central Nigeria, don tell President Muhammadu Buhari say dem no go fit give dem land for cattle colonies wey di Federal government dey talk.

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Image example People still dey mourn for Benue State; where dem bury 73 people last week on top di violence

Dem talk dis one after di high security talk-talk wey dem do for di State House, Presidential Villa, Abuja on Monday.

Fight-fight for di state don kill over 70 people, and tension don full di area.

Local media for Nigeria dey report say na Ortom, wey lead di Benue people go dat meeting tell tori people say Mr. Audu Ogbeh, Minister for Agriculture, bin dey talk say make dem provide 10,000 hectares of land as cattle colony for Benue State.

Di governor come talk say, "For Benue, we no get ten hectares for colonies; other states dem fit get, but we no get for Benue State."

Image example Herdsmen dey waka all over Nigeria dey find food for dia cattle

Na beg I dey - President Buhari

For dis same meeting, di President tell di Benue leaders say im dey ask dem "in di name of God" make dem beg dia people not to fight.

Di President say make dem try accommodate other people for their land for Benue.

"I promise you say di Police, Department of State Security and other security agencies don receive order to make sure say those wey cause di palava go receive punishment," na so di President talk.

Some of di leaders wey meet with President Buhari include former senate president, David Mark and former governor, George Akume.

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