Boko Haram video: 'We no wan go home again' - Chibok girls

Abubakar Shekau carry gun Image copyright AFP
Image example Abubakar Shekau wey dey lead di Boko Haram terrorists never still enter di government hand

Boko Haram militant group don release new video for Nigeria, wey dem brag say, dem no go free any of di Chibok school girls dem again.

For inside di video wey di group leader Abubakar Shekau been dey brag with Ak47 gun and four bodyguards dem, e say Boko Haram never tire and dem no go ever tire.

Shekau add say no country go ever fit defeat dem.

According to am, di remaining girls no wan go back to dia family again because dem don convert to Islam, and di girls wey dem first release na di ones wey no gree convert so dem allow dem waka.

Image copyright AFP
Image example Abubakau Shekau dey always make videos, pack am for outside

But di thing be say, most of di girls wey dem bin release before, na sake of exchange deal wey dem do with Nigeria government to release some of dia member.

One of di so-call Chibok girls wey wear hijab support Shekau for di video. She say, dem marry Boko Haram husbands and dem no want return because dem dey "treat dem well."

Di wife of one of di policemen wey Boko Haram catch for Borno state last year, beg Nigeria government with cry say make dem come save dem.

E still pass 100 Chibok girls wey dey inside Boko Haram hand, out of almost 300 girls wey dem kidnap for 2014.

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