Rwanda: Place wey favour women pass for Africa?

Man and Woman wey just marry dey waka after ceremony for Rwanda Image copyright MARCO LONGARI/AFP/Getty Images
Image example Rwanda law guarantee women to be joint owner of any property or land wey her husband buy.

When people think of top developing countries for Africa, names like South Africa and Nigeria go come out, but for one East African country Rwanda, di last 20 years don bring changes wey don favour women and girls, even pass some countries wey people no go believe.

After di genocide for Rwanda in 1994 where more than 800,000 die, di nation try to re-build dia country with di 6 million people wey remain - most of dem wen be women.

Just like di way World War II bring opportunity to women for America, because many of dia men don die or wound for war, Rwanda women today don gain from laws wey don give dem chance to do plenty big things.

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Image example Rwanda women dey enter politics well-well and dem plenty pass for parliament (64%)

Woman for Africa wey be law maker get better chance to achieve if im dey Rwanda because di country na number 1 for world record of most women for parliament. Na im be say women (64%) plenty pass men (36%) for joinbody wey dey make di country laws. No be only that one, dem get law say all government joinbody wey wan make decision wey go affect all country people must get at least 30% of women inside am.

President Paul Kigame government, since 2000, don dey promote gender equality wey be say men no get any special advantage on top women just because say dem be man. One big change wey dey sweet Rwanda women belle na law wey give dem di same right as men to inherit land, to get work, to get same salary and to get same education.

Stories wey boku for Africa say man dey use things like property wey im don get to oppress im wife no fit happen for Rwanda because law say if married man wan buy land or property, e must buy am with im wife and di document must show say na di two of dem get am.

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Image example Diane Rwigara say Rwanda na like 'pretty girl wey wear makeup'

But some people like businesswoman and women rights activist Diane Shima Rwigara, 36, wey say Rwanda na like 'pretty girl wey wear makeup but inside am dey dark and dirty', no believe say things don change or dey beta for women.

Rwigara enter election race against president against Kigame but small time later, electoral body disqualify am. Since Rwigara don criticize Kigame, she say di government don give am and her family serious palava.

Rwanda law and Women

  • 2003: Women must form at least 30 percent of positions wey dey make government decision
  • 2003: First time women plenty pass men for Rwanda parliament - 48 percent of seats
  • 2005: Married couple must register as owner of property together
  • 2008: Gender-based Violence Law go seriously punish all sexual violence criminals, including domestic abuse
  • 2008: Record for country for world to get female majority for parliament - 56 percent
  • 2009: Nine-year basic education policy guarantee say primary school education dey available to boys and girls, with more encouragement for girls
  • 2013: Women for parliament reach 64 percent

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