Mnangagwa declare Zimbabwe election to begin by May

President Emmerson Mnangagwa Image copyright AFP
Image example Many go dey expect say Emmerson Mnangagwa no go use power to corner di general elections later dis year

Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnangagwa talk on Thursday say dis year general elections for im country fit begin early around May or June.

For di first time since dem gain independence, Zimbabwe fit hold general elections wey Robert Mugabe no go dey inside, before di expected July 22 to August 22 dates.

President Mnangagwa confirm dis one for Mozambique when im dey talk during one official trip, according to report by official Herald newspaper.

"Zimbabwe go do elections in four to five months time and we need to preach peace, peace and peace because we know say e dey good for us and we no get doubt say we go get peaceful elections,"

Mnangagwa also use di opportunity to send message say im no go do anyhow to tamper with election.

"We go make sure say Zimbabwe deliver free, credible, fair and correct elections to make sure say Zimbabwe show di world say dem be democratic state."

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Image example Mr Mugabe - wey don serve as president since independence comot power in 2017

Na June or July di constitution talk say di election suppose happen, but parliament get power to change di date

For November 2017, Mnangagwa, take over from Mugabe after defacto military coup comot di 83 year old former leader wey don dey power since 1980.

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