Cape Town give people only 2 minutes to bath

Man carry big keg to go look for water Image copyright EPA
Image example To dey carry water for car dey banned for Cape Town

Di South Africa city of Cape Town go begin ration water for dia people to 50 litres a day, from next month on top fear say dem fit become di first major city for di world wey no go get water.

Di city don reach "point of no return", talk Mayor Patricia de Lille.

Cape Town, wey dey popular for tourism, don see di worst drought for di city, because rain no dey fall like before again .

Ms De Lille don draw ear give residents say "Day Zero" dey come on 21 April, dis na when water no go comot again from taps wey dey people house.

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Image example Cape Town never see beta rain for di last three years and di dam where dem dey keep water don dey go dry

Wetin be Day Zero?

Day Zero na di day for Cape Town when authorities no go get choice but to stop supply of water to people for di city. E go happen when water dam level don drop go 13.5% capacity; for now, e dey for 28.1%.

Dat day fall on 21 April (na 29 April e be before dem shift am).

Di Government for di city don order people to:

  • Repair water wey dey leak for dia property
  • Use drinking water for drinking, cooking and necessary washing
  • Only flush toilet when e dey necessary
  • Reduce bathing time to two minutes
  • Collect water wey dem take bath for bowl. come use am to flush toilet, pour for garden and wash car
  • Put full load for inside washing machine and dishwasher

Source: Cape Town government

E no tey for Cape Town when dem ban people to take clean water wash car and pour for inside swimming pool, so dat water no go quick finish.

Early dis month di city tell di India national cricket team wey come to play competition say make dem no bath pass two minutes.

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