You sabi say di medicine for cervical cancer dey?

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Na 53.1 million women for Nigeria fit catch cervical cancer and na over 14,000 new cases of di disease dey show every year.

Na World Health Organization (WHO) and di Catalan Institute of Oncology ICO Information Centre carry di tori come. WHO don rank cervical cancer second position of sickness wey dey kill women from age 15 to 44 for Nigeria.

Dis na reason why January na cervical health awareness month for di world to encourage women to go hospital go check weda dem get am so dem go fit collect di HPV medicine.

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Image example Boys and girls fit take di HPV vaccine to reduce spread of cervical cancer

But wetin be Cervical Cancer?

Cervical cancer na di kain cancer wey dey catch woman for di neck of di womb. Dis one mean say di cells wey dey dia no dey normal and e fit spread reach oda parts of di body and na di Human Papillomavirus HPV dey cause am.

Dr. Laide Omotosho-Ikuru, wey get clinic wey dey give people free cervical cancer test for dis January, tell BBC Pidgin say many people no know say vaccine medicine dey wey fit prevent am and na im make dis awareness month dey important.

She say make every woman kiakia go do test for dis January month and try take di medicine.

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Cervical cancer no get any sign when e dey start but later-later, di woman fit begin notice abnormal bleeding for her vagina, pain for her pelvic area and pain when she dey have sex.

But di only way to know for sure na to go do pap smear and HPV test.

Dr. Omotosho-Ikuru say di test cost reach 15,000 Naira and di vaccine na about 12,000 Naira per dose.

Doctors say girls and boys suppose take three doses of di HPV vaccine when dem dey 11 to 12 years old, women suppose take am wen dem dey 26 years and men wen dem be 21 years, but women wey dey over 30 years suppose do regular pap smear test every year.

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