Cash-for-seat probe: Ghana Committee chop 'suliya' as expats dawg sitting

Ghana lawmakers dey do probe Image copyright Joseph Opoku Gakpo
Image example Lawyer Charles W. Zwennes den Ashim Morton President of the Millennium Excellence Foundation as de, appear before committee yestee

Today den di dawgment be more for parliament as di five-member committee chop clean 'suliya' after di expats dawg demma sitting, committee members make wild dey want fire killer questions, dem no know say di expats finish dem long time.

Den di 'suliya' be world class sake of committee members make set dey wait but den menerz no dey show up.

Committee members throw official invitation to like 20 expats make dem come help with investigations into di claims dat dem for pay up to $100,000 to seat near President Akufo-Addo.

Chairman of di committee den Majority Chief whip, Kwesi Ameyaw Cheremeh talk journalists say dem for end di sitting impromptu den try fix another date for di sitting sake of di expats no come.

Speculations be say di Businessmen no want dey camera top for di committee sitting dat be why dem no show up.

Yaw Buabeng Asamoah, spokesman for di committee talk journalists after if e be say di expatriate businessmen no want media coverage, dem go fit organise that give dem.

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