Guinea: Pregnancy trickster don enter police net

Woman for Guinea wey claim to get power to make sterile women pregnant dey under arrest, after police say she trick hundreds of women wey dey find pickin.

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Image example Pregnancy na something wey plenty women dey look forward to, especially for Africa

N'Fanta Camara enter hot water after di women vex, and BBC tori person Alhassan Sillah say di victims dey demand justice.

Sillah say as dem dey parade Madam Camara for front of tori people, na so more than two hundred women gather outside di headquarters of di special anti-criminal department where Camara dey.

One of di women wey be Mme Diallo say : "e don reach one year now since I first go see dis woman. Dwetin she give us make us vomit and e give us diahorrea. But she say all dis one good. for di next visit, she give us more herbs and leaves wey we boil, come and drink. After we take di medicine for some time na so our stomachs begin dey big dey go. After we see her again, she just touch our belle, tell us say we don pregnant.

But she warn us well-well say make we no go hospital because no doctor fit treat dis pregnancy because dem no go even fit see am.

Trouble start when none of di women give birth, even after sixteen months.

Police medical doctor Mamadouba Camara say 160 women don gree register to check demself with police.

Di woman for di centre of all dis palava N'Fanta Camara defended herself. She say: I tell dem say na only God dey give pickin to women, not me. I dey work very hard for dem but di rest dey di hands of God."

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