Cameroon: Anglophone crisis don make rights Group organise debate for Internet shutdown

Cameroon, South Cameron, Africa
Image example Plenty men and women still dey come out, even though government don try to stop di protests

Human rights group dem for Cameroon wey be 'Access Now' don organise live Facebook chat for discuss de internet as human right; as na one year since de bi launch de #BringBackOurInternet.

One person weh e go join debate for #BingBackOurInternet na Patrice Nganag, weh na writer and critique.

E nova tay weh Nganang komot prison say e insult authority. But before den e bi visit Northwest and Southwest regions, where some fight-fight don make thousands run from Cameroon enter Nigeria.

Dis wan na de second debate weh e di happen for social media. De first debate people for Northwest tok how deh di use VPN for get internet but de VPN dey costly and na problem.

Some pipo say dia business don go down for seka internet problem.

Na one year too weh di Anglophone palava start and weh government be close internet for Northwest and Southwest region dem.

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