Anglophone Crisis: US say dialogue na di way for find solution

Cameroon, Africa, Anglophone Crisis Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Dis picture na for Bafut for November 2015 deh take'am

US government don condemn killing for wan Cameroon Marine officer for Ekondo-Titi, for Southwest region and wan paramilitary officer for Wum for northwest region.

Na for Sunday, gunmen weh deh suspects say na 'separatists' kill wan marine officer for Ekondo Titi in Ndian for January 14 and wan paramilitary officer for Wum inside Northwest region for January 15 as AFP confirm.

De US embassy say make government act with restrain for take action for de pipo weh di carry out de violence. Deh add say make de two side dem shidon for tok for way weh e go fit bring solution for Anglophone crisis.

De US say dialogue na de only way for solve de problem dem weh de deh for ground.

Anglophone crisis di take different level as 'separatists' enter inside de palapala and shooting don make pipo run from some village dem for Southwest region enter Nigeria.

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