Herdsmen Killings: "Police and Presidency dey against Benue"

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Benue Killings: 'We need action from government'

Benue State government say police and di presidency don dey try to twist di Benue Killing tori make e favour dem.

Talk-talk person for di state governor, Terve Akase say im shock as for di kain body language wey police dey display as dem di try accuse di governor say e dey arm boys make dem fight.

"Government neva arm boys to fight herdsmen, dis one na conspiracy to change di tori so dat di herdsmen go continue attack and wipe out Benue people di herdsmen don agree say dem attack Benue, how come dem never catch any of dem?"

Another attack bin happen for Benue state on Wednesday for Guma and Okpokwu local government area.

Fulani Herdsmen oga for Benue State , Garus Gololo say some area boys and taskforce attack some Fulani herdsmen for Edumoga inside Okpokwu local government area.

E say one person die and dem neva find 100 hundred cows.

Government Tori person, Akase sef don confirm dis attack but say di state government neva eva give di taskforce gun.

e say dem dia job no be to fight any herdsmen but to make sure say government anti-grazing law succeed.

Police talk-talk person, Moses Yamu wey talk to BBC News tori person Dooshima Abu say, unidentified armed person shoot one herdsman, come injure another one for Odidi village inside Edumoga.

e come yarn give say one fulani herdsman still dey miss.

E later come add say say the same armed men kill 11 cows and burn 16 thatch house wey belong to di Fulani people for Ingle Odidi village.

For un top di attack for Guma, e say gunmen kill some women and by di time dem go there, dem find gun wey local hunters di use plus green belt

E come later talk say attack no happen for Logo.

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