Benin Republic strike ban: Workers dey 3-days strike against di new law

Demonstrators gather on June 22, 2017 in front of di labour exchange inside Cotonou during on protest against bad governance. Image copyright AFP
Image example Labour union for di country don protest against bad government for June 2017

Government office Courts, schools and hospital for Cotonou, Benin republic no open because of Civil servants strike.

Di strike wey start since Tuesday na to make di government change one new law wey ban public workers from going on strike.

Government bin try to make workers return to work but labour union leaders say di government tactic no work and di workers get strong mind on to di matter.

Benin parliament approve di law for December 2017 to prevent military, police, health and justice workers to go on strike but e cause big argument inside di country.

Di law still need to get approval from di country constitutional court.

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