South Africa: 'Una dey use too much water' - Cape Town Mayor

Helen Zille leaves the parliament in Cape Town on February 12, 2015 Image copyright AFP
Image example Di water problem bin make dis big politician, Helen Zille, open mouth say she dey baff only once every three days.

Di Mayor of Cape Town for South Africa don vex say peopele dey use too much water, sotey she don announce say dem go begin control how water dey comot from tap.

BBC tori person Andrew Harding dey report say mayor, Patricia De Lille, accuse residents say dem selfish well-well.

She say: "most just care."

Some part of South Africa dey get water problem well-well, na part of wetin make one big politician, Helen Zille, open mouth talk say she dey baff only once every three days.

For some months now na im authorities don dey draw ear warn people say make dem reduce di water wey dem dey use, or ready to face Day Zero - dis one na di day wey all di reservoir wey dem store water fit dry, the taps dem go off, and then people go begin queue with bucket.

Tori be say dis Day Zero fit come as early as April.

But so far, na only 30 percent of residents dey use less than di 87 litres of water everyday wey di city say make dem dey use.

Na dis one make di Mayor say time don reach to "force" people to behave. E mean say Cape Town go reduce water wey people fit use to 50 litres per day - and heavy fine fit follow for those wey use more water pass so.

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