Cameroon elections: Crisis Group say make AU do prevention

Cameroon, Africa, Elections Image copyright SEYLLOU/AFP/Getty Images)
Image example Plenty people come out to vote for de 2011 elections

De katakata for Cameroon English-speaking region dem fit join for stop election; dis na according to di International Crisis Group, wey de put eye on top fight-fight for di world.

Cameroon go hold municipal, legislative, senatorial and parliamentary election dis year. Even President Paul Biya for yi new year speech say e go make sure say election hold for inside peace and security.

But, de International crisis group di worry say Cameroon di face problem for Southwest and Far North with Boko Haram; even e neighbour, Central Africa no get peace.

De group check say, unrest for Anglophone area dem fit be na sign for some big trouble and political crisis weh fit stop election.

Dey call AU and international community for push government and Anglophone militants for shidon tok and promote condition for better vote. Cameroon deh among the seven top priority dem weh AU briefing weh komot yesterday.

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